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Fuck y’all

I got to the point where I’m not going to be nice to those who don’t deserve it. I’m going to say what I want without feeling bad. There’s way too many fucking retards who think they’re funny who need to be set straight. Funny thing is I don’t even know them that well but shit, you mess with me and my loved ones and you’re done.



two making one.

This makes me feel nice;)

Reblogging again for old times sake. I miss this Jesse.

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Jesus you're still with Aaron? You could find someone so much better.

Who are you to judge though? Aaron is the perfect gentleman. He’s attractive, sweet, and caring. Not to mention he pays all of my bills and is great in bed:) People keep saying I could do better, but who is better? The day you name someone or come off anonymous is the day I will take your opinion seriously.

Halloween is never over for us ghouls, so get your pins over at!

People are trying to get over their past and I’m just trying to get through day by day without feeling sick. Live in the now. If I had one wish it would be to be well enough to not complain every day about my health. People are actually lucky enough to have that, that’s the part that keeps me hopeful. I can be normal too. No one ever got better dreading their nightmares from the past, only your dreams for the future can keep you moving forward.


New coffin packs from Ghost Couture! 

Repost! Spread the word, GC is back:)

New coffin button/sticker packs up now at!!

They’re adorable, only one lavender in stock


You should post a picture of your lips :)

why? I took one already!


I hope all is well and you are as happy as can be.

All is well and I am very happy:) thanks for the concern.

Glitter eyes and pink lips will always be my favorite✨💗

You should post more pictures of yourself :)

We’ll see. I hardly have time to take some of myself and no one takes them of me when I look cute:/

She looks awfully familiar don’t you think?😋The start of new @buyghostcouture is finally in the works. Wish me luck!